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Writing is a lonely process, but you don't have to go it alone.

Get hand-matched for free with a critique group who can support your writing journey.

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You need outside feedback to get your stories reader-ready...


But finding the right critique partners (CPs) who provide honest and constructive feedback can be daunting.

You pour your heart into your stories, but without the right feedback, your manuscript remains unpolished, potentially missing the mark with your dream readers. Where does that leave you? Frustrated and stuck.

But how do you find critique partners? It can be tough, especially with words as tender and personal as our stories. Depending on your network and community, finding reliable critique partners can be a challenge. It’s intimidating to try to connect with new writer friends and online forums might not offer the personal touch you need. 

Even if you have a local writing group, you can’t be sure that they’re familiar with your genre, age category, or writing needs. Mismatched critique partners can lead to advice that is out of sync with your needs and creative vision.


CP Meet Cute

Imagine a writerly fairy godmother who pairs you with the perfect critique partner—someone who not only understands your genre but also matches your writing style and goals. Sound good?

I dreamt up CP Meet Cute as a way to 3x your chances of finding a perfect CP Match so you can stop spending time searching for the perfect feedback partner and start making progress on the stories of your heart.

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“I liked everything [about CP Meet Cute] and the professional and fun way it was set up. I appreciated how everything was clearly set out and ran to the timeline. It was exciting to meet my new critique buddies. I was amazed it was all free. Thanks so much!”

Leonie, CP Meet Cute Participant

Critique partners are a game-changer!


My critique group has been an invaluable resource on what can be a long and lonely journey toward publication. We’ve put out so many books and been on so many adventures together over the years. 

As an author and book coach, I’ve met countless writers who want that same support and community, but are wary of sharing their early work. I created CP Meet Cute to help like-minded writers find their CP soulmates like I did.

CP Meet Cute takes into account your genre, age category, experience level, and timezone to match you with a group of 2-6 other passionate writers. You will exchange first chapters in speed-dating inspired format to help you quickly identify if you’re a match. 

All you need to do to get started is fill out a short survey and my team will work our magic from there.


What you’ll get:

  • 🤝 An introduction to a group of potential CP matches hand-picked by me based on your survey answers
  • 💌 A short series of emails with tips for being a great CP
  • ✍️ Straightforward guides for setting your group up for success and tips to help you provide honest, actionable notes that highlight strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement
  • 💬 A check-in after 6-8 weeks that gives you the opportunity to celebrate your successful match or move to the next round if you didn’t find the right fit.


With targeted feedback from well-matched CPs, you can make precise edits and enhancements to your manuscript, bringing it closer to being reader-ready. Your story will shine with the polish and refinement that only high-quality critiques can offer.

Finding a critique partner who gets you and your writing goals isn't impossible. 


I’ll do all of the legwork to find you the best CP match so you can get the feedback you need.


Hey! I'm Julie 


I’m a book coach for writers of truth-telling, status-quo-smashing stories that matter. My mission is to empower writers like you to slay your doubt demons and learn how to get your novels and memoirs reader-ready.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been honored to have worked with hundreds of writers. Some truly phenomenal books have crossed my desk, many of which have found great homes with the Big 5, small, midsize, and university presses, hybrid presses, or in the indie publishing space.

Since introducing CP Meet Cute in 2022, I have matched over 700 writers with potential critique partners and can’t wait to help you find your writerly “happily ever after”!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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“[The CP Meet Cute process] achieved the impossible. On my own I could not find a group that was local or online. People in my CP group were insightful, kind, and generous with their time.”

Ron, CP Meet Cute Participant

Don’t go it alone.

Try CP Meet Cute.

I understand the overwhelm of searching for a critique partner who gets your writing and goals.

I'll use my industry knowledge and connections to do the hard work of finding you the ideal CP match, so you can start receiving the feedback you deserve.